F*ck The Scale

Do you find that you seem to gain weight after you start working out? Read on to know why I think the scale is evil and why the numbers seem to go up after you start working out.

I personally hate the scale – like, with a passion. I would love to reenact that scene from Office Space where they go HELLA thug on the company printer. #JustSmashThatShitToPieces

I rarely ever get on that sucker to find out how much I weigh. Because you know what happens as soon as I do?! I HATE MYSELF.

……OK, that was a little aggressive, I don’t hate myself, but getting on that thing will without fail throw me into a tailspin of negative thoughts!

If I allow the scale to determine my success when it comes to reaching my fitness goals, I will always f*ck up. Always. When the scale shows me a number that I was not expecting to see, it confirms all my negative self- bias’. “I’m ugly, I’m not good enough, I’m fat, I’ll never reach my goals” etc.

…..and then I figure it’s a lost cause so I might as well go eat me a big ol bag of cookies and peanut butter.

BUT here is the thing! The scale is not a true reflection of success! Below are reasons why you may see the scale go up after you start a new workout routine:

  • Your body is made up of over 55% water – so your weight fluctuates regularly all on its own. Depending on how much water you drink and food you eat will cause changes in your scale numbers. Increasing your fluid intake can increase your metabolism by up to 30%!  (​And if visits from the monthly red devil aren’t fun enough – that shit will also cause major water fluctuation in your body.)

  • Working out causes small tears in your muscle fibers as well as some inflammation (soreness). To combat this, your body retains water in the muscles so they can heal. This is one reason the number on the scale may go up.​​

  • Your body also stores glycogen (basically carbs) in your muscles. This glycogen storage allows you to have energy for your next workout. But this also causes your muscles to expand and weigh more on that damn scale.

So, bottom line – F*CK THE SCALE!

Don’t get me wrong, the scale can be a great indicator of progress when you are starting a weight loss/gain goal. Definitely doesn’t hurt to weigh yourself ONCE, in the beginning of a fitness program, to have a number to go on. BUT, weighing yourself constantly thru out the process will most likely F*ck with your head and cause you to have HELLA self doubts.

So here are ways I gauge my fitness success without the damn scale:

1. If my clothes fit well.
2. If I see more muscles poppin out and looking all badass.
3. If I notice an increase in my energy and mental clarity  and all around good vibes happening….


You see what I’m getting at right?! Don’t allow some stupid NUMBER to dictate your worth or happiness. Get in touch with your FEELINGS and base your happiness on that. Don’t you dare give up on yourself either. The time ain’t going anywhere, so use it! Take each day as it comes and remain focused on YOUR GOALS.

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