My “DELAA” Plan

A few days ago, I posted this pic on Instagram:

“Been hella focused on stepping my game up. 3 weeks into my ‘don’t eat like an asshole’ meal plan, and my obliques are back!”

I got a lot of comments questioning this “DELAA” plan I was on. (Don’t Eat Like An Asshole)

So, I wanted to share with you how I got the results I wanted.

I would first like to include a quick disclaimer: Every-body is different. My meal plan and macros won’t work for everyone. It actually took me a lot of trial and error to figure out the right macro split for my body type and activity level etc.

Let’s say you decide to try my macro split/ meal plan to lean out but you have a desk job, do workouts that over-stress your body, have a very stressful life and don’t get enough sleep. Your results will be different. Our bodies respond to all of that shit in different ways. So please keep that in mind.

Below is my daily meal plan for when I want to shred down. It is very boring and I literally eat the same shit everyday. BUT, I actually enjoy what I eat. I season my meals differently to add some excitement.

***Keep in mind: I do not drink alcohol and I stay CONSISTENT with this way of eating. I don’t just eat this way during the week and fuck up on the weekends. THIS IS LEGIT EVERYDAY for me. It takes a shit ton of will-power, dedication and consistency. You HAVE to want it bad enough. (Ok …sorry, off my high horse now.)

So how was I “eating like an asshole”?

Well, actually it was more like “thinking like an asshole” ….let me explain:

It was those “asshole thoughts” that were sabotaging my progress. I stopped logging my meals, or keeping track of how much I ate in a day. I snacked more than I should. And for real, twice a week I would GET DOWN on about literally 3lbs of trail mix.

Legit not kidding yall. THOUSANDS of calories in a 2 hour binge session. I would “treat” myself by going to Sprouts, and filling bag after bag of different types of bulk nuts, chocolates, pretzels, candies…. I would then take all those bags and combine it into one giant trail mix bag and mindlessly eat it while watching some dumb netflix show.

Needless to say, the pounds started to creep up on my body. But I would console myself by saying “Ill just workout extra hard tomorrow.”

Shit doesn’t work that way. You can eat wayyyyy more calories in 1 hour than you can burn off at 1 hour in the gym. I don’t care what you’re doing. Orange Theory, Crossfit, Shit ton of heavy lifting….your body can only handle so much activity until it starts to shut down. You get tired, rest and you’re done.

Once your outlook and mindset changes tho, shit gets real. That’s when you dig deep and find out what you are made of. The strength that comes from controlling your thoughts and creating new habits is amazing.

Life is crazy. We have absolutely no control over WHAT happens to us ….but we can control HOW we react to those things and WHAT we decide to put in our bodies. That is completely in our own hands.

If you feel like you’re ready to embark on your own “before & after” journey, hit me up. I can help you with your own personalized macro splits, meal plans and workouts.

I do NOT create meal plans like how I eat. That shit is boring AF and I don’t expect other people to eat like a robot like me.

With that said, If you want my help with meal planning, it will include food you like to eat. The magic comes in when your macro split is on point. Which is what I help you figure out!

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