Showing Up is Half the Battle: 4 Reminders When You’re Starting Your Fitness Journey

If you’re new to fitness, then you likely still recall the feeling of being too intimidated to go to the gym or workout around other people. Maybe you still struggle with this feeling. I know I do and I’m years into my journey.

But I want to stress that we all started somewhere. Even the fitness models you follow on IG once stepped into the gym for the first time and probably felt the same intimidation we face now.

Starting anything new is scary and makes us want to run for our safe space again. But this year, let’s set aside that intimidation and fear- lets show up anyway!

To help push you forward, here are 4 things to remember when you embark on any new journey.

1. Remember: You’ve done hard things before. You can do them again!

Endeavoring upon a weight loss journey or strength training program might seem hard and more of a challenge than you’re capable of taking on right now, but you didn’t get to this point in your life by taking the easy road each and every chance you got.

You have faced challenging situations in your past. In the middle of them, you may have wished you never started to begin with but you always made it to the other side alive and a better person because of it.

More importantly, you emerged on the other end feeling empowered and with a sense of pride you can’t even articulate. So do it again! Try out something new and challenging and make yourself proud!

2. Remember: Bravery is acting in the face of fear. Be brave!

Bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it is acting in the face of it. When you feel fear or apprehension to try something new, like hit the gym without a gym buddy or seek guidance from a trainer, but you do it anyway, you are displaying a huge act of bravery.

It may seem insignificant but it isn’t. You’re becoming the type of person that takes action no matter the situation. You’re becoming the type of person doesn’t let fear dictate your life. You’re taking steps toward a new and better version of yourself. You’re growing and that is something to celebrate! Speaking of growth…

3. Remember: Growth only happens outside of your comfort zone. Step out!

When you feel fear, go towards it- this is where growth occurs! It’s not news that you can’t achieve new and great things while staying stagnant in life; you have to be courageous enough to step on the other side of comfort.

When you learn to embrace discomfort, fewer and fewer things in life will have the ability to hold you back.

When you keep up this growth process, you become an unstoppable force which serves as inspiration for others to embark on their own fearful journeys too. So, step outside of comfort, grow and inspire!

 4. Remember: Discomfort becomes comfortable. Find a new normal!

Every time you have tried something new and the unease of unfamiliarity came over you, you kept at it until one day it became your new normal.

You started a new job and it was hard getting adjusted but now it’s your second home with some of your best friends. You picked up a new skill and were absolute crap at it at first but now you know it like the back of your hand.

Whatever the case is, you’ve gone into new situations completely blind and unsure of things but you made it your new normal. Feeling a sense of unease about it now seems almost silly. Find your new normal in a healthier lifestyle!

To sum it up,

we all face fear on a regular basis. Inevitably, in this new year, we again will encounter new challenges. Some we’ll welcome with open arms and excitement, others we won’t see coming and wish we could escape.

Regardless of the situation, keep these 4 reminders top of mind and face those challenges head on. Don’t let that fear stop you in your tracks or push you back to your safe space.

Use your fitness journey to serve as an example that no matter what life throws your way, you have been here before, you were brave, you grew and found your new normal.

Become that empowered unstoppable force, make your damn self proud and inspire others to do the same.


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