Iron Phoenix 6 week Slim Down Challenge

Start Date: June 3rd
End Date: July 15th
Cost to enter: $25

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  • $50 gift card

  • 1 personal training session with Wendy or Jules

Challenge Details:

  • In-body analysis scan on June 3rd — this will give you your current Body Fat%, skeletal muscle mass, and your Basal Metabolic Rate (basically all the info you need to start the challenge!)

  • Discount on Total Nutrition products

  • Sample meal plan guide to follow

  • At home exercises to incorporate for best results

  • Support, motivation and accountability

Rules of the challenge:
  • Must attend at least 4 bootcamp classes during the 6 week challenge

  • Winner chosen by the most body fat percentage lost

Registration has ended. Check back soon for our next 21 Day Challenge!

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Iron Phoenix 6 week Slim Down Challenge Sign Up

  • Price: $25.00