We are MAGIC!

It’s so damn easy to be hard on ourselves…to quickly jump to evil and negative thoughts about this magical body our souls float thru life in.

It’s so interesting isn’t it? How we can easily forget that we are all just souls trapped inside this outer shell. How fucking magical is it that our hearts just beat on it’s own?!

WE ARE MAGIC Y’ALL! Remember that!

No matter what your shell looks like, or is able to do….praise it for what it is. MAGIC. Give it kind words today for doing it’s best to get your soul through each and every stressful, long, but also beautifully gifted day.

We aren’t promised shit in life…certainly not immortality. So please, take some time today and say kind words to yourself. Look in the mirror and DON’T focus on what you want to fix or what you don’t like about that shell.

Instead, focus on the MAGIC that is YOU! Do you have strong shoulders that help you hold your head up each and every day? PRAISE THAT SHIT.

Do you have strong thick thighs that not only catch those cookie crumbs, but also carry you thru the hardest steps you’ve ever had to take?! PRAISE THAT SHIT.

#WeAreAllInThisTogether #PraiseThatShit #LoveYourShell#StrengthenYourSoul

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