How to stay on track with your diet when you travel

Ok, so I have a few clients that admit they fall off their diet and workout routine when they travel for work.

I call bullsh*t on that excuse. #sorrynotsorry

**watch video below on how I prep meals for travel**

Ok, ok, that may sound a bit harsh, but the reality of it is, effort = change. Simple as that. It takes a little extra time and effort to prepare, but it’s totally manageable. I know this because before starting my own fitness business, I was an event coordinator traveling once a week at least 3 times a week. And my journey to getting fit af started when I first got that job.

So yeah, I learned that if I wanted the body I’d never had before, Id have to start doing things I hadn’t done before. Like be diligent AF and bring my meals with me on my trips.

I’m not gonna lie, at first even the thought of bringing an extra bag full of just healthy meals seemed crazy. WHO DOES THAT?! Someone who wants to reach their goals and doesn’t give AF about what other people think, that’s who.

^^The face of someone who doesn't give AF^^

^^The face of someone who doesn’t give AF^^

The night before a trip I would make sure that all my meals were thought out and logged into Myfitnesspal ahead of time. This way I knew exactly what and how much to pack. That was probably the hardest part.  But only because in the beginning I didn’t have as much experience using the app and it just took longer to know how to piece together meals to fit my macros. But once I figured it out, it was GO TIME.

I weighed out all my meals and put them into zip lock baggies. (more baggies fit in the 6-pack bag then the containers they give you)

^^Top pic shows my zip lock bagged meals, baby food packets, tuna packets and frozen bags of veggies. Along with a snack of apple & PB and my fresh to death pink 6-pack bag^^

Below are some bullet points on things I did to ensure I was able to stay consistent with my diet and workouts:

  • Buy a travel cooler bag like 6-pack to take all your meals with you. **The ice packs that come with the 6-pack bags are LIQUID filled. I highly suggest you NOT use those. If they unfreeze even a little bit and turn even slightly into liquid form, TSA will make you toss them out.

I purchased solid ice packs from target for cheap to use instead. They fit in the side pockets of the bag just perfectly. 

  • Ask the hotel before you book your room if they have refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms. If they don’t, book at a hotel that does. Some hotels will supply refrigerators in the room but not microwaves. But in those cases, most hotels have microwaves available in the lobby for guests.

  • Google local gyms in the area. Since I’m a member of Golds Gym, I would look and see if there was a Golds close to my hotel. If not, you can also try to purchase a free week trial at gyms like 24-fitness and LA Fitness and use it during your trip. (sneaky) OR just make the best of the hotel gym. There are PLENTY of workouts you can do with dumbbells and your own body weight. **Feel free to reach out to me for some totally free workouts I can give ya that work in hotel gyms!**

  • I stop at a local gas station and pick up a gallon jug of water to drink during my stay. Sometimes even 2-3 if I know they can fit in the fridge. If not, I just swing back by the gas station the next day to grab another. OR I just re-fill up my 1L water bottle purchased at the airport with tap water from my room.

  • I bring my BCAAs, powered greens and pre-workout with me in separate zip lock baggies. I also bring a water funnel so I can safely pour them into my gallon jug or water bottle. Keeps me excited to drink my water while traveling and just in general. (Make your water healthy and taste good and I promise you’ll drink more of it and not reach for a soda or sweet tea!)

Travel Meals:

Below are a list of things Ive packed for trips before. These are just suggestions and you can really do anything you want if the options fit your macros.

^^Here is an emergency meal I had to put together because I didn’t pack enough for a recent trip. I went to a local Target and purchased greens, tuna packet, asian grain salad and made a tuna salad. (I added the Everything Seasoning from Flavor God)


^^ Then for my dessert, I had 3 rice cakes with Jasons Maple Almond Butter packet, and Yoplait’s low sugar boston creme pie yogurt! #TargetForTheWin

  • Breakfast (but honestly these can work for lunch & dinner too!)

    • Protein Pancakes & Justin’s Almond Butter or Peanut Butter Packets.

      • I make the protein  pancakes the day before my trip. I use the PACKETS of nut butter because they are easy to pack and track on MFP. Plus if I brought a container of any kind of nut butter I would binge eat the F*ck out of it! (don’t judge me)

      • My Recipe for Protein Pancakes: 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder, 1C egg whites, ½ cup oatmeal, cinnamon, splenda , unsweetened cocoa powder OR cacao nibs. Depending on how big you make your pancakes will determine how many this recipe yields.

    • Oatmeal & PB Packets

      • I put my 1/2C of oatmeal in a zip lock bag along with some cinnamon, Splenda and unsweetened cocoa. I cook it in one of the cups provided in the hotel room they give you for coffee. And I add the PB packet in after its cooked. YUM.

    • Frozen Turkey links & frozen egg white patties

      • You can find both in the frozen isle at your local grocery store. I know for sure that HEB and Target has great options.

    • Ground Turkey & Low Carb Tortilla wraps

      • Have yourself some yummy breakfast tacos!

  • Lunch & Dinner

    • Tuna Packets with Rice and veggies

      • This is my go-to staple meal. Any protein/rice/veggie combo is great.

    • Chicken Breast with quinoa or tabbouleh in a low carb wrap

    • Ground Turkey with guacamole and rice and veggies

  • Snacks

    • Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter or yogurt or cottage cheese

    • Apples and/or bananas (great quick carb source)

    • Protein Bars

    • Babybel Cheeses and grapes

    • Low fat beef jerky

    • Baby food packets (yeah, I know it sounds freakin weird BUT it’s a great quick source of carbs…and some of those taste really good!! Sweet treat for sure.)

I hope that helps some of you.  Please feel more than welcome to leave some thoughts, suggestions, questions, comments etc below! Id love to hear from you!

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