The Power of Giving Back

Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” – Princess Diana

This is Dave. He is a homeless man I pass multiple times a day while driving to and from work. Since I see him so frequently, I decided I wanted to officially meet him. So, one day, I rolled down my window and started chatting him up. Now every day, when I see him, we talk briefly and exchange smiles. I’m sure most days he doesn’t have much to smile about, but when we talk, he smiles and always takes the time to ask how I’m doing. He doesn’t complain about anything, he only smiles and says positive things.

The other day he was wearing the coolest damn t-shirt ever: CATS IN SPACE RIDING A FREAKIN UNICORN! I complimented him on his shirt. He seemed genuinely shocked that I liked it. I said, ” Dave, I am a HUGE cat lover, your shirt is freaking awesome.” To which he replied, “Ill give it to you. Next time I see you, I’ll have it ready for you.”

Now here is a man with nothing. He is literally begging for work and spare change on the side of the road. But one compliment on his shirt, and he doesn’t even think twice about giving it to me. How can I say no to a man who probably doesn’t have much to offer people right now in his life? I tried to politely decline – because shit, he is freakin homeless, I can’t take his damn shirt! But he insisted….

So, the next day I’m driving to work, and BAM! There is Dave and he remembered. He came running up to my car, shirt in hand and neatly folded. He said, “I told you I’d give it to you. But you have to wash it.”

I couldn’t believe it. I have never been so moved in my life. This man has nothing, and he gave me the shirt off his back. It’s in the wash right now, and when it’s dry, I’m going to cut it up and pimp the hell out of it at the gym. Dave’s act of kindness will not be in vain. (In return, I ordered him the Dave’s Enchilada plate from Kirby lane and drove around until I found his ass again to give it to him ?)

I wanted to share this story because it seriously moved me to tears. It’s so easy to stay distracted and look at your phones at every stop light. Forever fearing being along with our own thoughts. But maybe next time, put your phone down, look up and take in the world around you. You never know who you might meet and who will change your perspective on life.



    1. Author

      Rudy that would be wonderful! I’m sure Dave could use a new shirt. ❤️

  1. Hello Jules, Any idea what size of shirt he wears? My husband periodically cleans out his closet and he wears mostly Harley T-shirts and San Antonio Spurs T-shirt’s. I can give them to him.

    1. Author

      Aww Susie, that would be wonderful! I believe he is a size Large

  2. This puts tears in my eyes! Jules you are one of the most caring person I know! Showing true kindness and love one person at a time! Keep inspiring and spreading love!

  3. Such a sweet story Jules. It moved me to tears. I probably don’t have any shirts his size but I would be happy to pass along some cash for him to get some groceries/food.

    1. Author

      Monica you are too kind!! I’m sure Dave would appreciate that ❤️

  4. Aw!! This is why you are more than just a trainer to me, a friend, an inspiration, a sister!! Love ya girl! so cool!

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